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Matias Valtolina, also known as NOIZ, is an Argentinian Full-Stack Web Developer. Matias started his journey in coding in the 2020 quarantine, making Discord bots in JavaScript. He put a stop to his journey some month after starting his firsts bots. Later in Octuber of 2021, he recieved a freelance gig to make a website and then was when he entered the world of web development. Using his knowledge from making Discord bots and previous experimentation with CSS and HTML, he successfully delivered the website. He really liked the web development area and started to learn more with other freelance projects. 2 month later another he took another job but this was more complex, and require learning ReactJS, Bootstrap and other utilities that will help him deliver this new jobs. Now, Matias is working in other projects, using now his knowledge with NextJS, TailwindCSS and other advanced concepts like CRUD, SOLID Principles and programming paradigms.